SeaView Hostel Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Little Corn Island is a major tourist destination and well if you have traveled to the Island you can understand why?, Remote Beaches, Awesome Coral, Great Fishing, Water Sports, Authentic Caribbean Culture, & so much more.


SeaView Hostel is one of the closest hotels near Little Corn Island’s only entrance “a little concrete dock”

SeaView Hostel offers affordable prices for great rooms by the Sea, Free WiFi for all Guest and is Literally Ten Steps to the Beach.


Let the sounds of the waves put you to sleep and wake you up.


Book Your Stay Today with SeaView Hostel Little Corn Island. Click Link Below@;label=msn-DDV4ufpU2Kcb1iDaNosx1w-14106624262%3Atikwd-17766586561%3Aneo%3Amte%3Adec%3Aqssea%20view%20hostel%20little%20corn%20island;sid=06aa83f68bdf566df0329ddfa881bf67;dest_id=900051838;dest_type=city;dist=0;hpos=1;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;srfid=cc23773243d576be6d89cbba11a05e282d20e3d3X1;type=total;ucfs=1&


Our Call SeaView Hostel for More Information 505 8847 7483



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