SeaView Hostel Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Little Corn Island is a major tourist destination and well if you have traveled to the Island you can understand why?, Remote Beaches, Awesome Coral, Great Fishing, Water Sports, Authentic Caribbean Culture, & so much more.


SeaView Hostel is one of the closest hotels near Little Corn Island’s only entrance “a little concrete dock”

SeaView Hostel offers affordable prices for great rooms by the Sea, Free WiFi for all Guest and is Literally Ten Steps to the Beach.


Let the sounds of the waves put you to sleep and wake you up.


Book Your Stay Today with SeaView Hostel Little Corn Island. Click Link Below@;label=msn-DDV4ufpU2Kcb1iDaNosx1w-14106624262%3Atikwd-17766586561%3Aneo%3Amte%3Adec%3Aqssea%20view%20hostel%20little%20corn%20island;sid=06aa83f68bdf566df0329ddfa881bf67;dest_id=900051838;dest_type=city;dist=0;hpos=1;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;srfid=cc23773243d576be6d89cbba11a05e282d20e3d3X1;type=total;ucfs=1&


Our Call SeaView Hostel for More Information 505 8847 7483



Newly Opened “DIve Cafe” in Corn Island a Splash of Good Times!!!

The Corn Islands are two tiny beautiful tropical islands off the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, attracting thousand of Divers every year to their abundant coral reef’s. On Big Corn Island there are three Dive Centers, but only one  “Dive  Cafe” which caters to the lifestyle of Scuba Divers; happy hours and early morning coffee drinks.

18488_646434812153448_5109258377247520690_n 10981194_627490707381192_3451096264763696720_n

The “Dive Cafe” is located at the “Dos Tiburones Dive Shop” in Big Corn Island’s Sally Peachy Neighborhood, open everyday in the week from 7am till 10pm.

The “Dive Cafe” offers the public a happy hour everyday from 5-7pm with great drinks, beautiful outdoor seating, and hi-speed wi-fi internet access for all clients.

13727_690550027741926_2381947115664822180_n 11760103_686110381519224_6103071337402529658_n

Start or finish your day with the “Dive Cafe”!!!!

Drink great coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, iced and frozen coffee, beer and rum with happy hour everyday 5-7pm.

Eat Fresh Locally Baked Goods Everyday…  Enjoy Board Games & Cards; Book Exchange….

All in one location made for Scuba Divers and enjoyed by everyone……

The Dive Cafe in Corn Island Nicaragua!!!!

11043422_627480047382258_2702349311608861922_o 10474730_644256772371252_288917242431325292_n 11027442_687805774683018_5707836716704708994_n 11175021_646007215529541_9172961354233591769_n

For More Information visit them online:

or for information about the “Dos Tiburones Dive Center”:

Or call to talk with the  friendly staff of the Dive Cafe on the:

505 5755167

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“GM Shipping” Send Your Items To Nicaragua Every Month!!!

  GM shipping does shipments of any goods you have in the USA to Nicaragua every month.

Whether you live in Pearl Lagoon or the Corn Island’s GM shipping offers very affordable transportation of anything you have in the USA to Nicaragua. You can buy items on Ebay or other websites and retailer inside the USA and have it arrive safely here on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast every month.


You can also visit their store front in Bluefields known has Glady’s Mini Market and FishingSupply,

which offers all your fishing supplies and other great items imported from the USA. Located in the LomaFresca Neighborhood.


GM Shipping your trusted transport for all items from the USA with shipments every Month.

Call or Email them today for more info & prices:,  In the USA  call  them on the 786 423 0973

In Nicaragua  @ 25771033  or  88291915

Corn Island’s “Restaurant Relax” Famous for a Great Breakfast Menu

Restaurant Relax in Great Corn Island in known amongst travelers to have one of the most delicious Breakfast menus on the whole island. Their use of local ingredients and traditional styles of cooking combined with a good knowledge of breakfast items most travelers love, make this place a hit!


The Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua is a region rich in seafood, fruits, tubers, and coconuts. Traditional food cooked by native “Black Kriol” islanders is with the important ingredient, “home made coconut milk” and “coconut oil”.

After the emancipation from slavery in 1841 the Corn Islands local economy was mainly based on the production of coconut oil, but after Hurricane Joan in 1988 most of the coconut tree’s were destroyed, after which emerged the spiny lobster fishing industry.

Today the Coconut Tree’s are  thriving and well  native islanders are using long old coconut milk based recipes to win over the taste buds of the growing numbers of visitors to the islands.



Restaurant Relax is located in the South End neighborhood on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua.
Open everyday in the week from 7am till 10pm. Offers wi-fi to all clients,
Friday is Ladies Night with discount on food and drink items.
Tuesday is Country Music night, a favorite music of most locals in the Corn Islands.

For more info: call 505 25755885 or


Desideri Cafe’s Caribbean Bingo for a Cause on Little Corn Island

Desideri Cafe is an Italian-Caribbean restaurant / bar on Little Corn Island off the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua which besides having amazingly delicious food also host great LIVE Music Events, a Yearly Music Festival, and one of the coolest most funniest Bingo Games you ever will attend for charity.


“Bingo For A Cause” is played on Sunday nights around 7pm when a Cause comes up or is requested by visitors to the Island whom have experienced the Caribbean Bingo Night.

The announcers of the Bingo Numbers are two locals Wyvon & DJ Rasta Punch whom are a funny combination of a Afro-Caribbean Little Corn Island Native and Stylish DJ / Radio Personality with jokes which makes this Bingo Game so exciting for those who have attended.

.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWyvon calling the Bingo numbers with a Desideri Cafe burger in him hand, nuff vibz at Bingo with a Cause.

The Bingo Game proceeds which usually generates about a 80US a night go to different charity local causes, from Helping to clean the Swamp, Local Vet Clinic, Community Radio Station, Local Little League Baseball, and other causes  such as Emergency Relief for Local Accident Victims.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Little Corn Island Communal Government is helping keep the swamps clean to protect the islands precious drinking water, Bingo For A Cause @ Desideri Cafe in Little Corn Island as contributed to their effort.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Radio Likkle I 88.1FM is a Community Radio on Little Corn Island which broadcast local’s radio programs everyday plus creates projects on the Island focused on Education and Culture.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES The Uma’s Little Vet Clinic gives monthly free treatments to the Dog and Cats on the island, and one time in the years helps bring Animal Doctors to the island to have operations and treat sickness.

All these Causes have received money from the Caribbean Bingo Night at Desideri Cafe in Little Corn Island, so big thanks to the owners of Desideri Cafe for hosting this amazing event, and well if you are part of a group traveling to the Island you can request a Bingo Night and help a Good Local Cause.

Sea Side Grill & Guest Rooms in Corn Island, Nicaragua. A New Caribbean Experience Awaits You..

When we hear of Nicaragua and Central America it may be hard to imagine the existence of a vibrant Caribbean Culture. Yet, from Belize to Panama along the Caribbean Coast lives many Afro-Latinos, in particular here in Nicaragua the Kriol Blacks who share a culture most similar with other Caribbean Island’s such as the Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

The Great Corn Island’s are located about 40 miles off the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua in the Caribbean Sea, and are inhabited by a majority population of English speaking Kriol Blacks. Afro-Nica-Carib-Roots people!!! And well the cultural experience for visitors is something exciting and new.

We recommend to experience the authentic Black Kriol Culture of the Corn Islands you stay in the more rural quite parts of the Big Corn Island. The North End Neighborhood is one of these locations, with beautiful reef for snorkeling right off the beaches.

The Sea Side Grill is a great restaurant famous for their grilled island style of cooking with a location right on the beach to enjoy their delicious menu items. The Sea Side Grill also offers visitors some amazingly priced guest rooms with a beach front view, plus the island has many great activities for you to pass the time.

When You Reach Corn Island Tell Your Taxi Driver to Put You at the Sea Side Grill & Guest Rooms in the North End Neighborhood.

You can reserve a room by emailing them at : or

Pass a great vacation in the Corn Islands and experience a different side of the Caribbean!!!!!!
“Sea Side Grill & Guest Rooms” North End Neighborhood on Big Corn Island





Renting a Home in Little Corn Island has never been Easier!

Lots of visitors come to Little Corn Island, Nicaragua; and honestly once they take in the Natural beauty and slow paced life style of the Little Island they don’t want to leave. So once you make up your mind your not leaving or you want to live permanently on the Island, then the next question is; where am I going to live. Many at this point consider buying land which can be a problematic long process, and cost lots of money how the Island is so small.

So the other best alternative is renting a home;  Little Corn Island Home Rental offers the best price for a quality home on the island.


This home is located in the village of Little Corn Island, in a very friendly and quite neighborhood. The home has 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 dinning area, 2 bathrooms, and a living room. Ideal for families and anyone who likes to live in a quality spacious home.


For anyone interested in renting the home it comes fully furnished, including cable TV, fridge, stove, dishes, and a spacious secure yard.


For More Information on prices and reserving the Little Corn Island Home Rental :

Contact : Elizabeth Kingsberry directly on her telephone: 001 505 84105733

or email :

“Closer to Home Hotel” a brand new hotel opening in Little Corn Island; Just in time for the Easter Season!!!

Little Corn Island and Big Corn Island are one of the most beautiful Caribbean tourist destinations in Nicaragua. Located about 45miles off the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua offering visitors a wide arrange of activities and very beautiful beaches.

During the Easter Season, observed in the first weeks of April; it is one of the most lively times on the Islands attracting many National Nicaragua tourist getting away for the holidays with their families and lots of great fiestas.

Closer to Home Hotel in Little Corn Island is opening up just in time for the Easter Season.


Just as the name says you are closer to home @ Closer to Home Hotel; located right near the wharf on Little Corn Island. When you stay with us everything is close to home with an on-site bar and restaurant, and a short walk from some of the best beaches of Little Corn Island.

The Closer to Home Hotel offers two kinds of rooms, one for a whole family which includes two bedrooms, a fully functional kitchen with cooking pots, dishes, an oven if your in the baking mode. And a signal room with no kitchen and two queens size beds…


Book your stay today because the Corn Islands will be full for the Easter 2015 Season!!!

Email:            for more information….

The Friendly staff awaits you @ Closer to Home Hotel, Little Corn Island Nicaragua…

downloaddownload5 Open Up The Door!!! and Experience the Corn Island’s; Nicaragua’s forgotten Jamaican Kins…….

GnG Hotel in Big Corn Island’s New Colorful Caribbean Look!!!

When Visiting Corn Island stay at GnG Hostel, close to the beach, quiet and safe.

GnG Hostel in Big Corn Island has been serving the visitors to the Corn Island’s for years with great services.

Recently they have been painting up their Restaurant and Hotel rooms with beautiful art work which are inspired by Island Life. Enjoy These Pictures!!!!

Visit                  for contact info

                                                                                         1981744_1480199638785291_4884688281055551875_n 1970691_10203749236234952_2476839377088213178_n10491264_1480199772118611_5377306305948357138_n10462804_1480199812118607_2980133376428503994_n 10258558_1480199678785287_3742468106335682689_n 10394510_1480199692118619_3311886800973169631_n 10468644_1480199612118627_21391677413893591_n 10479686_1480196735452248_2729323508680530041_n 10492305_1480199648785290_3625040970794726310_n 10537345_1480196762118912_8488332918015257936_n 10922427_10203749219354530_165917077025688726_n

Something for the whole family to enjoy!!!!

Visit GnG Hostel in the Brig Bay #1 Neighborhood in Big Corn Island, Nicaragua.

Alal Suite (The Upstairs Rooms) on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua.

The Corn Island’s and the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua is historically referenced has the forgotten kins of Jamaica. For hundreds of years the Caribbean Coast and the Corn Island’s was ruled through Jamaica by the English Monarchy. In the late 1800’s it was given to Nicaragua, but still today the Corn Islands is populated by a majority Black English speaking Native Islanders, called Black Kriols.

The Corn Islands offer a wide arrange of activities from Diving, Snorkeling, Horseback riding, Relaxing, Fishing and Eating great seafood, plus much more. When finding the right accommodations check out this beautiful Upstairs Suites known as the “Alal Suite” in the beautiful Sally Peachy Neighborhood in Big Corn Island.

10888460_770216936381578_2631347180024806250_n        Map-Big-Corn-Island-v1

The “Alal Suite” is located in the less populated part of the Big Corn Island; right on the sea side with a view like no other.

Rooms start as low as $25 US (WoW), but with excellent services!

The Corn Island’s are one of the most affordable tourist destinations in the entire Caribbean, and Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in Central America.

10599353_770217549714850_8443654492263723281_n              10177893_640282069375066_1668976320021604750_n

Book your room today or get more information by contacting Arlene Hodgson and the “Alal Suite” @

International Call:  011 505 2575 5003


See More Pictures on Facebook:

 The “Alal Suite” invites you to experience the Corn Islands with them.

10940580_789523111117627_6134100583173180913_n    11379_770216319714973_6215307663789059788_n

Radio Likkle I 88.1FM broadcast to the Corn Island's off the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. Welcome to our online Community Network Radio Carib sharing the Culture of the Corn Island's. Hear Us, See Us, Meet Us!