Sea Side Grill & Guest Rooms in Corn Island, Nicaragua. A New Caribbean Experience Awaits You..

When we hear of Nicaragua and Central America it may be hard to imagine the existence of a vibrant Caribbean Culture. Yet, from Belize to Panama along the Caribbean Coast lives many Afro-Latinos, in particular here in Nicaragua the Kriol Blacks who share a culture most similar with other Caribbean Island’s such as the Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

The Great Corn Island’s are located about 40 miles off the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua in the Caribbean Sea, and are inhabited by a majority population of English speaking Kriol Blacks. Afro-Nica-Carib-Roots people!!! And well the cultural experience for visitors is something exciting and new.

We recommend to experience the authentic Black Kriol Culture of the Corn Islands you stay in the more rural quite parts of the Big Corn Island. The North End Neighborhood is one of these locations, with beautiful reef for snorkeling right off the beaches.

The Sea Side Grill is a great restaurant famous for their grilled island style of cooking with a location right on the beach to enjoy their delicious menu items. The Sea Side Grill also offers visitors some amazingly priced guest rooms with a beach front view, plus the island has many great activities for you to pass the time.

When You Reach Corn Island Tell Your Taxi Driver to Put You at the Sea Side Grill & Guest Rooms in the North End Neighborhood.

You can reserve a room by emailing them at : or

Pass a great vacation in the Corn Islands and experience a different side of the Caribbean!!!!!!
“Sea Side Grill & Guest Rooms” North End Neighborhood on Big Corn Island






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