“GM Shipping” Send Your Items To Nicaragua Every Month!!!

  GM shipping does shipments of any goods you have in the USA to Nicaragua every month.

Whether you live in Pearl Lagoon or the Corn Island’s GM shipping offers very affordable transportation of anything you have in the USA to Nicaragua. You can buy items on Ebay or other websites and retailer inside the USA and have it arrive safely here on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast every month.


You can also visit their store front in Bluefields known has Glady’s Mini Market and FishingSupply,

which offers all your fishing supplies and other great items imported from the USA. Located in the LomaFresca Neighborhood.


GM Shipping your trusted transport for all items from the USA with shipments every Month.

Call or Email them today for more info & prices:

gladysmmenna@yahoo.com,  In the USA  call  them on the 786 423 0973

In Nicaragua  @ 25771033  or  88291915


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