Renting a Home in Little Corn Island has never been Easier!

Lots of visitors come to Little Corn Island, Nicaragua; and honestly once they take in the Natural beauty and slow paced life style of the Little Island they don’t want to leave. So once you make up your mind your not leaving or you want to live permanently on the Island, then the next question is; where am I going to live. Many at this point consider buying land which can be a problematic long process, and cost lots of money how the Island is so small.

So the other best alternative is renting a home;  Little Corn Island Home Rental offers the best price for a quality home on the island.


This home is located in the village of Little Corn Island, in a very friendly and quite neighborhood. The home has 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 dinning area, 2 bathrooms, and a living room. Ideal for families and anyone who likes to live in a quality spacious home.


For anyone interested in renting the home it comes fully furnished, including cable TV, fridge, stove, dishes, and a spacious secure yard.


For More Information on prices and reserving the Little Corn Island Home Rental :

Contact : Elizabeth Kingsberry directly on her telephone: 001 505 84105733

or email :


2 thoughts on “Renting a Home in Little Corn Island has never been Easier!”

  1. Good morning , would you please send info. On how to list my home on little corn . I’am thinking of offering it for rent and/or lease. Please include all information :

    1. Good Evening Mr Robert, If you would like to list your home we would need pictures of your home sent. Normally we only do listing for people willing to pay for at least 5 months. To pay this you can paypal the money or money transfers inside of Nicaragua via banpro. Email us @ for more details on payments, or call 505 82322661

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