Alal Suite (The Upstairs Rooms) on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua.

The Corn Island’s and the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua is historically referenced has the forgotten kins of Jamaica. For hundreds of years the Caribbean Coast and the Corn Island’s was ruled through Jamaica by the English Monarchy. In the late 1800’s it was given to Nicaragua, but still today the Corn Islands is populated by a majority Black English speaking Native Islanders, called Black Kriols.

The Corn Islands offer a wide arrange of activities from Diving, Snorkeling, Horseback riding, Relaxing, Fishing and Eating great seafood, plus much more. When finding the right accommodations check out this beautiful Upstairs Suites known as the “Alal Suite” in the beautiful Sally Peachy Neighborhood in Big Corn Island.

10888460_770216936381578_2631347180024806250_n        Map-Big-Corn-Island-v1

The “Alal Suite” is located in the less populated part of the Big Corn Island; right on the sea side with a view like no other.

Rooms start as low as $25 US (WoW), but with excellent services!

The Corn Island’s are one of the most affordable tourist destinations in the entire Caribbean, and Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in Central America.

10599353_770217549714850_8443654492263723281_n              10177893_640282069375066_1668976320021604750_n

Book your room today or get more information by contacting Arlene Hodgson and the “Alal Suite” @

International Call:  011 505 2575 5003


See More Pictures on Facebook:

 The “Alal Suite” invites you to experience the Corn Islands with them.

10940580_789523111117627_6134100583173180913_n    11379_770216319714973_6215307663789059788_n


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