¨Hospedaje Josefina¨ Corn Island, Nicaragua. Beachfront Luxury Rooms with a Price Anyone Could Afford!!!

The Corn Island´s are one of Central America´s best kept secrets. Prices which make these islands the most in-expensive tourist destination in the Caribbean, but still offers luxury rooms and services.

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Hotel Josefina´s is located in the quite North-East side of Big Corn Island in the Sally Peachy Neighborhood.

Luxury Rooms w/ AC, Cable TV, etc. starting as low as $25 US a night.

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Hotel Josefina is right on the beach in the peaceful breezy part of Corn Island, known as Sally Peachy. Broken English called Kriol is the first language of the Native people of the Islands. With prices so low you maybe thinking the services would also be low, but let the pictures speak for themselves. Does not get much better then this anywhere else in the Caribbean!

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Reserve your rooms today with Hotel Josefina on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua.

Contact Shea Sjogreen and Hospedaje Josefina For More Information @

majic jack# :               305 974 8829

or call:                    011 505 2575 5070

email:           sheasjogreen24@hotmail.com

Find Hospedaje Josefina on Facebook:


Hospedaje Josefina and Sjogreen Family Invite you to Discover Big Corn Island with them; a whole new Caribbean Experience!!!



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