Radio Likkle I 88.1FM Directors Statement “Celebrating one year on the Air”:


Today August 25th 2013 Radio Likkle I 88.1FM in Little Corn Island celebrates one year on the air and over two years serving the Community through our internet radio and cyber. During these past two years we have done plenty as a community radio station, but still feel like we only are just beginning to walk and have lots of plans to run for 2014. Radio Likkle I  88.1FM is the first radio station of Little Corn Island and one of very few radio stations here on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua which acts as a community radio. We say we are a community radio because we provide air time for free to the community leaders, churches, and organizations working for the betterment of the Corn Islands. Besides the air time we give, we try to do a lot of social programs out of the radio; for example, free computer classes, giving cheap internet access, Educational announcements on air, and donations of reading books and educational materials, and any other things we can support in the community.

In the first year of operations as a community internet radio we trained several young people in the community of Little Corn Island how to board operate their radio programs, using production programs to make announcements(PSA’s), and how to broadcast on the internet and use social media to promote their programs. I decided to run the radio as an internet radio first to see the amount interest the radio would have in the community and also to get the workers ready for FM broadcasting. This worked very well because when we opened on the FM one year ago our staff was fully able to run their radio programs and much more by themselves. Since this time we have trained several more young people in on air programming and have employed several local youth at the radio station.

One other function of the radio is the promotion of the culture and LIVE music scene which is non existence here in the Corn Islands. We have been supporting all local cultural events such as the annual Crab Soup Celebrations August 27th, and we promote local artist by allowing them to record their demos in our studios free, and also have been a major part of every concert which has taken place in Little Corn Island over the past two years. Here at Radio Likkle I we also introduce new music from all the different musical genres, the people of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua enjoy a wide variety of music from classic Reggae Souls, Dancehall, Soca, Roots Music, Country, Spanish music’s of all genres, 90’s hits are big here, American R&B and Hip-Hop, and mainstream popular music as well.  Recently we  began running announcements to encourage people to preserve the history of the island by not disturbing artefacts’ and turning in artefacts to the Culture House in Corn Island. We also have plans to begin conducting history tours on Little Corn Island to historic locations and use the money from these tours to build a museum and get research done on the artefacts’ of the Island.

Little Corn Island is a very small place, imagine no cars, no 24hr electricity, and the youth of the Island can get very bored.  I believe, besides all the things we try to give to the community, the most important things is giving the youth a safe place to express themselves and spend their times in something positive. Young people throughout the world can get bored whether on a Little Island or a big city, this idleness could allow them to get involved into crimes and drugs.  Places like Radio Likkle I help take away from the idleness and make lots of people happy, but also it may play a bigger role in keeping them from getting into negative thoughts and actions. Still we know there is much more which the family and everyone must do to protect the youth of the future.

For others in the radio business and other directors of radio station you can imagine some of the everyday struggles I commit myself to in making this radio station function successfully. Still, this radio station is at the end of the world or as people in the Island would say ‘behind god’s back’ an expression relating to the remoteness of the physical location of Little Corn Island which makes my task all the more difficult and fun. Radio Likkle I runs on ‘Island Time’ another expression of the slow pace life style of Little Islanders, if town power comes on late the radio still turns on just late, even on Island Time I make many strides in developing the radio and feel like I get a lot done for being on Island Time (wow I typed this much so far).

As I write this here living on a Little Island I am reminded of a saying ‘No Man is an Island and No Man Stands alone’; we here at Radio Likkle I may be on an Island, but we in no way stand alone. I am thankful for all the support I have received for the radio station from our early beginnings to now our one year birthday. This radio station has no support of any NGO’s or non profit organizations, this radio is a 100% community supported, we operate by the sponsorships of many Local and National businesses, and people who we touch which like what we are doing and have given support either by a donation at some of our fundraisers or saw a way to help us and did so.

So here we are one year on the air!! Happy Birthday Radio Likkle I 88.1FM, and may God Bless You to see many, but many more years of community service to the Corn Islands. Thanks To You out there reading this and all our listeners and supporters. For more info please refer to links below and feel free to call me with any questions or concerns.  Blessed Love…


Thomas Pruett

Director of Radio Likkle I

505 8406 9980



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