Radio Likkle I 88.1FM back on the air, after 3 months..Due to AC gone bad


Radio Likle I 88.1FM community radio in Little Corn Island is back on the air after 3 months off the air due to our AC going bad.. Take into account that Radio Likkle I 88.1fm is on a small Island far from your local AC repairman or hardware store. When the AC went bad in October our Director spent time with three different mechanics to try and repair the old one with no luck. Image

(That’s the Old one there in the Corner)

On the last day of 2012 Radio Likkle I 88.1FM got a big Blessing from Tranquilo Cafe’s owner whom donated a great unit for us to use..

Now we are back on the air today Jan 16th 2013 after taken some time to fix electrical wires in the building and waiting for town power to come back on.


(This is the New One After Being Installed by my self and a Volunteer From the USA)Thanks Devon

Radio Likkle I 88.1FM can be heard on the Corn Islands, Pearl Keys, Pearl Lagoon, an Other locations on the Coast Caribbean of Nicaragua…


Also listen to Our Online Broadcast via link below..

Thanks Again to Tranquilo Cafe a faithful supporter of Community Radio & Computer Education


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