Radio Carib Community Network developing first radio station in Little Corn Island Nicaragua.

Nearly 3 years ago the project to bring a community radio station to Little Corn Island, Nicaragua was started by the Communal Movement and the Radio Carib Community Network(RCCN). Both Local grass-roots organization with no major NGO sponsors!

Through years of small grass-roots fundraising and major investments by the Radio Carib Community Network(RCCN), hard working community volunteers, and the grace of God; Little Corn Island’s Community radio station began broadcasting on the air waves of the 88.1FM. For the last few weeks they have been test broadcasting playing mostly only music while they fill up their programming schedule. The Radio Station will consist of a wide range of community programming by those wishing to give programs ranging from music & greetings, to serious community forums, spiritual spaces for local churches, and more.

The community radio station is much more than just a radio station it is an educational center. In the Community Cyber part of the radio station they offer computer education programs to students and others, provide free internet access to radio members, and act as a hub for people in the community to use the computers/internet. In the studios of the radio station the Director teaches about broadcasting and the use of the equipment inside the studios and more. These services mean a lot to the remote Creole community of Little Corn Island, and will be expanded on in the near future.

Thanks to all the people whom have given to the Radio Carib Community Network(RCCN) throughout the years has you can see your contributions have gone to the right place.

A special thanks to those of you whom donated in the last fundraiser we had; your contributions went directly to paying for our current permission for broadcasting


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